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Meet The Team

Dan Kelly


VP of Operations

Dan Kelly, a recent addition to Corporate Chefs as one of the owners, brings with him a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective. With over 30 years of involvement in the foodservice industry, specializing in the manufacturing sector, Dan's journey has been defined by his unwavering passion for the intersection of military and food service. Recognizing a significant gap in the brokerage sector, Dan is driven by a deep-seated belief in the importance of bridging military and food service needs. This passion has been a guiding force throughout his career and has now culminated in his ownership role. Dan's approach to business is characterized by his commitment to partnerships and his recognition of their vital role in fostering success. He prioritizes and values the health of these relationships, understanding that they are the foundation upon which Corporate Chefs thrives. Embracing change and innovation, Dan is eager to introduce new ideas and approaches to Corporate Chefs.

Mike Truax


VP Business Development

As Partner & Co-Owner based in Sarasota, Florida, Mike is a seasoned professional with a diverse background. Armed with an Associate’s Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, he excels in various roles. Mike's military sales journey began with Mrs. T’s Pierogies, showcasing his expertise in managing prime vendors and overseeing brokers in diverse foodservice segments. As Vice President of Sales at Pro Foods, he focused on military sales, representing various food manufacturers and demonstrating a passion for the industry. In the past eight years as a partner/co-owner with S&H Foodservice, Mike has played a key role in representing national brands and pioneering new manufacturers within the military segment.


Prime Vendor Support & Army Culinary Specialist

Michael Neu

Michael Neu served on active duty with the United States Army for 20 years. He retired in 2003 with the rank of Master Sergeant. His accomplishments included serving as a Food Service Specialist with the Special Forces Command for 10 years, Installation Food Service Supervisor for 9 years, proficiently trained in the AFMIS (Army Food Management Information System) and as TISO (Troop Issue Subsistence Officer), serving as the Accountable Officer for all troop rations in excess of $30,000,000. He also served as an Army Recruiter, after being thoroughly trained in sales and marketing, and exceeded all recruiting goals. Mike is ServSafe Certified as an Instructor and is a Certified Food Executive. Since retirement, Mike has held positions with Michael Foods, Inc., as Director of Military Sales Worldwide, Zartic Foods, Inc., as a Military Sales Specialist, and most recently, with Pierre Foods as a Military Sales Manager.


Sales Manager

Bill Frey

William Frey served on active duty with the United States Army for 26 ½ years. He retired from active service in 2002 with the rank of Sergeant Major. His accomplishments include serving as Chief Food Operations Management NCO at Fort Lewis, Washington, Senior Assistant Branch Chief at the U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officers Academy at Fort Lee, Virginia, Consultant for ACES, DSCP, and Major Command Units (MACOM) for policies and direction of food service programs. He also served as Installation Food Service Advisor and is a Certified Food Executive. Since retirement, Bill has worked for Zartic Foods Inc. and Pierre Foods as Military Sales Manager, and he was a Co-Owner/COO for Corporate Chefs LLC for 16 years. He is now a Military Sales Specialist for the company.


Prime Vendor Support and Marketing

Fer Castro

Fernando Castro Jr served on active duty with the United States Navy for 30 years. He retired from active service in 2004 with the rank of Master Chief. His sea service included tours on board 6 warships where he performed the duties of Cook, Food Service Records Keeper, and Provisions Storeroom Storekeeper. He was assigned as Leading Culinary Specialist on 3 ships, responsible for the overall administration, management, and operations of the food service division. Fer is a Certified Food Executive who completed 2 tours as an Instructor at the Navy’s Culinary School in San Diego, where he served as Course Curriculum Developer and School Director. Additionally, he served as Senior Instructor of the Navy Food Management Team in San Diego for 4 years. Since retirement, Fer has worked with Zartic Foods, Inc., as a Military Sales Specialist, and most recently with Pierre Foods as a Military Sales Manager.


Becky Kelly

With a passion for finance and a keen understanding of the unique challenges within the industry, Becky Kelly works behind the scenes to ensure the financial success of the company. She oversees budgeting, financial planning, and analysis to maintain the company's financial health. Becky's journey in finance began with a foundation built on experience in various roles, eventually leading her to specialize in the intricacies of the food marketing and sales landscape. Her expertise extends beyond traditional financial responsibilities, as she actively collaborates with the executive team to align financial strategies with the company's growth objectives. Becky fosters a culture of financial responsibility and efficiency and seamlessly integrates financial objectives with the sales and marketing team to ensure success in a competitive market.

Administrative and Customer Service Support

Lindsey Knight

Lindsey Knight is the newest member of Corporate Chefs, LLC, assuming the position of Administrative Assistant, effective July 1, 2016. Lindsey has worked in various areas of food service, from retail grocers to restaurants. Her experience in customer relations, quality assurance, and accounting makes her an excellent addition to our team.

Military Sales Specialist

Renee Stewart

Renee served in the United States Army for 26 years. She retired from active service in 2016 with the rank of Sergeant First Class as a Culinary Management NCO. She held numerous positions throughout her military career. Her accomplishments include over 25 years of food service experience, ranging from Food Service Specialist, First Cook, Shift Leader, Administrative NCOIC, to Dining Facility Manager, culminating as a Brigade Food Service Supervisor. Renee is highly knowledgeable in both garrison and field feeding operations. She completed three successful tours to Iraq, where she served as Senior Food Operation Sergeant, overseeing all daily food service operations and feeding 15 Transitional Teams and civilian augmenters. She has received great praise, awards, and accolades from various VIPs during her military service.

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